Your First Visit

Your first visit to Dr. Favia will include a very comprehensive evaluation.

How do we know this? Our patients tell us! From your teeth to your gums, nothing is missed. Patients always leave the room saying “I’ve never had that checked before.”

A thorough medical history is taken upon your arrival and is updated at each visit

Our Comprehensive Evaluation includes a thorough examination of the following:

Teeth, Gums, Bone support, TMJ’s (Jaw Joints), Range of Jaw movement, All Muscles of the Head and Neck, Oral Cancer Exam, Tongue and other soft tissues, Bite evaluation, and much more.

Also taken is a full set of Digital X-rays. Digital X-rays emit over 90% LESS radiation than standard x-rays. They are instantly “popped up” onto our computers chair side. No waiting!

Our friendly dental team is looking forward to meeting you.

First Time Visits Forms