TMJ Treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of TMJ pain needs to be well defined.  A thorough exam followed by predictable treatment options are paramount when dealing with this disorder.  Many times, by simply treating the muscles of the head and neck area, we can get the results we want.

When done correctly, bite splints and adjustments have been a proven way of ridding a patient from TMJ signs and symptoms.

Do You Know Where Migraine and Tension Headaches Come From??

Migraine Headaches

When a muscle is overworked through clenching or grinding it needs more oxygen,  An increase in muscle activity will promote an increase in blood flow to provide more oxygen!!!  Hence, your migraine (a vascular headache).

Tension Headaches

Muscles build up lactic acid throughout contraction.  Once it is fatigued, one will experience pain from the muscle trying to deplete the lactic acid….hence your tension headache (a muscular headache).

Both can be treated with or without medications by your dentist!!!

Key Benefits of TMJ Treatment

  • Treatment is usually conservative (unless trauma is a factor)
  • Muscle activity is reduced at least 35-50%
  • If muscle is the cause, headaches and pain usually are gone within a few days
  • Bite can be adjusted to rid the patient of the dental splint (night guard)

Also, BOTOX treatment will help with jaw clenching by relaxing the jaw muscle.